BLG Mind

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind are delighted to be partnering with South East London Orchestra to commemorate their 10 years of existence

Ans the name suggests, BLG Mind provide mental health services to people across the three boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich. It is important to note that this is a local Mind, not the Mind that everyone knows and is a separate registered charity. National Mind carry out research into mental health, provide information about it and lobby government around mental health issues. Local Mind charities provide mental health services to local people. BLG Mind work with people to aid their recovery and to improve their quality of life.

BLG Mind also have a role in early intervention and the prevention of mental health issues through their wellbeing services. They provide wellbeing services to new mums and dads, to people bereaved by suicide and to secondary school pupils. They also provide a wide range of awareness-raising training and workplace wellbeing training.

For people with more moderate to severe mental health issues, BLG Mind offer counselling, mental health advice, and help with more practical issues such as filling out benefits forms or getting back into employment. They also run a Recovery College, peer support groups of all kinds and have staff who are based in Doctors’ Surgeries and other healthcare establishments.

In addition BLG Mind provide a range of services to people with dementia and their families. Last year they supported over 7,500 people across across the three boroughs and this number increases every year.

BLG Mind need your help to make this happen. Please consider making a donation either via the website here, or by giving to the collectors at one of the SELO concerts in 2023.

Thanks in advance for helping us to help your communities.