Bertha James Day Centre

The Bertha James Day Centre was selected as our Charity Partner for the 2019-20 season from a number of charities nominated by SELO players and audience. It was nominated by Heather Hall, a SELO violinist and a Trustee of the Centre.

The Centre Manager, Sonja Richards, says:

“The Bertha James Day Centre is the only day centre for the elderly in Bromley which is open from Monday to Saturday providing a range of services. We are friends of Age UK. Located near the centre of Bromley it has provided care and companionship for thousands of local elderly people over the last four decades. It is a vibrant and busy centre providing a flexible service, enabling individuals and families to live fuller and more rewarding lives. Visitors can have a hot meal tailored to their dietary requirements, and are offered access to various services from bathing and chiropody to hairdressing. The centre offers a wealth of creativity with a range of activities to enjoy from painting and quizzes to singing and music.

Members of staff are extremely committed to improving the lives of the visitors, many of which present very challenging issues related to mobility or dementia. We are also supported by a strong group of dedicated volunteers, always on hand to help or lend a listening ear. Whatever we do, we do with kindness.

With people living longer the need for a centre like Bertha James is ever greater. However, with cutbacks in local authority budgets and rising cost in supplies we rely upon donations and volunteers to develop our services.

We would like to run a programme with SELO that will make an enormous difference to the lives of people with dementia. It is known through research that music stimulates the brainwaves of people suffering from this condition.

The Trustees, members of staff and everyone associated with Bertha James would like to thank you for thinking of us!”

Sonja Richards