All rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 1930-2145 unless otherwise specified.

Thursday rehearsals are at Jubilee Halls, Christ Church, Beckenham

Sunday afternoon rehearsals are at St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Beckenham

We have also held rehearsals  at St James’s Church, Elmers End, and St Barnabas’ Church, Beckenham

For the upcoming concert, please let us know whether you can attend each rehearsal as early as possible via email with your relevant fixers:
Violins: Claire Rutland
Cellos: Hilary Wood
Everything Else: Charlotte Woolley

Rehearsal Schedule

Sunday 10th April 2022
Sunday 26th June 2022
Thursday 3rd MarchThursday 12th May
Thursday 10th MarchThursday 19th May
Thursday 17th MarchThursday 26th May
Sunday 20th March (afternoon)Thursday 9th June
Thursday 24th MarchSunday 12th June (afternoon)
Thursday 31st MarchThursday 16th June
Thursday 7th AprilThursday 23rd June
Sunday 10th April (afternoon)
Sunday 26th June (afternoon)

A Google calendar with all the rehearsal and concert dates, times and locations is available for download here: SELO Calendar