Community Development

Since SELO began it has been an Orchestra with the local community at its heart: as it has grown, we have sought to build on this through a variety of activities and partnerships all about Community Development. Our goals are to have an increasingly positive impact locally and ensure as many people can enjoy our music as possible.

Our three main priorities are:

  • Building meaningful partnerships with charities and community groups based in South East London
  • Ensuring SELO is accessible and inclusive for players and audiences alike
  • Sharing music with as many people as possible, both at our main concerts and through giving performances in places such as care centres

Enquiries and suggestions about our Community Development work are always welcome. In particular, please get in touch if:

  • You would like to nominate a Charity Partner for a future season
  • You work with a charity/community group and would be interested in bringing people you support to a SELO concert
  • You would like us to provide chamber music (small ensembles such as string quartets) for a local event